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Grove Pre‑school  Tel 01275 857614 or 07749 240004                                                                    NOV/DEC 2019




Week 1

4th Nov

Festivals Bonfire Night & Diwali.

Week 2                                     

11th Nov


Week 3

18th Nov


Week 4

25th Nov


Week 5

3rd Dec

Christmas and Hanukkah

Week 6

10th Dec


Week 7


16th Dec



We start the the half term with a brief look at bonfire night and Diwali.

We will continue with Winter Festivals towards the end of the term including,  Hannukkah and Christmas. If you would like to celebrate a particular festival with us please let me know. Families are more than welcome to input into what happens, how families celebrate, customs, food eaten etc. your help would be appreciated.

This is always a very busy, but enjoyable, half term as we prepare for the party/concert and make cards, gifts and decorations. Some items the children make will not go home until the end of term or could be used for group collage so if they appear empty‑handed but say they have made a picture, model, etc., please check with a member of staff. We always explain to the children if items are not going home on the day but they do sometimes forget or not understand.

We do try to go outside every day for walks, games, gardening, etc. so please ensure that your child has suitable, labled, outdoor clothing and welly boots every day.


Absences from pre-school

Please inform the pre-school if, and why, your child is absent a.s.a.p. As part of safeguarding we do have to follow up any prolonged or fequent absences from pre-school. You can let pre-school know by sending a text or calling  the pre-school mobile. We cannot access email, facebook, parentmail during working hours so only use these if reporting absence in advance i.e  the day prior to being absent, you can use Parentmail to report any absences but this won’t be picked up straight away so best to text if possible. Numbers/email at top of newsletter. We will chase up children who we have not heard from regarding the reason for absence.



Monday 4th Nov                      Term 2 starts back.

Mon 16th Dec              Children’s Christmas Party 12.00 -3.00 all children Parents welcome from 2 p.m.

Mon 16yh Dec             Last day of term

Mon 6th Jan 2020                    Start of spring term    


Fund raising

Unfortunately no one has come forward to be part of the Fundraising Committee but we will go ahead with some of our events and put out a list for parents/carers to sign up to help.

This term we will run the Festive hamper and ask if a parent or carer could make up the hampers towards the end of term. We will also need parents/carers to help to sell hamper sqaures at drop off and pick up times and during the concert on Monday 16th Dec.

We will aslo need help prior to the concert to set up refreshments/serve refreshments on the 16th and possible help with setting out the food for the party.

I will put out a list for help nearer the time.  

Donations from the refreshments at the Concert traditionally go to a local Children’s charity picked by the fundraising committee if you have any suggestions please let me know.


The Christmas Party

Our Christmas party/concert will take place on Mon 16th December from 12.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.  We hire professional entertainment for the children and we have a visit from Father Christmas. The children will have party food (a list will go out on the table nearer the time) at 12.00 p.m.


Parents/family are invited to attend from 2 p.m. for the refreshments, hamper sqaures followed by a short concert of Christmas songs by the children you will then be able to stay for the visit from Father Christmas



Festive Hampers

We will again be running a “buy a square” to  win a Festive Hamper. Any festive goodies for the hamper gratefully received! A list of suggested items will be put out on the signing in register table, so do sign up if you can help, or bring along your own choice. We will announce the winner of the hamper at the Christmas concert.  £1.00 per square.


Christmas cards

We put the post box out for the children to post their cards to their friends but please restrict this to 4 or 5 close friends this year because, newer children do get very upset when some children appear to receive handfuls, possibly just send to children in their key person group. The staff also find that almost all of storytime is spent sorting and giving out cards! The Christmas post box will be out from the beginning of December.


Tapestry online journal

Please remember to add WOW moments to Tapestry your contribution is very important. The journals are for staff, parents and children so your contribution is vital. We will transfer wow moments to our wow tree alternately parents can pick up wow cards at the door or add to book bags.  


My Nametags

You can order MyNametags online at if you enter our pre-school ID 44291 we will receive 24% of every order. A leaflet can be found on the registration table. The nametags can be applied (stick and go no need to iron) to clothes and equipment and are washing machine, dishwasher and microwave proof so idea for drink bottles, lunch boxes, clothing, and boots.


Scholastic books

The leaflets will be sent home during the coming week. Please look at the leaflet and support pre-school by placing an order. We use the commission to buy new books and replace those that become damaged. Thank you to everyone who placed orders from the last leaflet.


Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running! Go to to browse the latest books and order online. For every £1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, our school will earn 25p in Scholastic Rewards.

Please place your order online by November 30th, 2019.


School Admissions 2019

The closing date for applying is January 2020 you can apply online or Tel 01275884078 North Somerset Council. Please see the poster displayed on the entrance door.



Thank you for the donations of fruit this term it has been great to be able to offer the children a choice of fruit. We have struggled at times in the past and had to make a trip to the local shop to buy fruit so thank you very much.

Please continue to send in at least one item of fruit or non-cook veg each week to compliment the snacks.


Reminder packed lunches and water bottles

From our policy

Where the children attend all day or an afternoon session, they can bring in a packed lunch.  The children all sit down together and are encouraged to be independent, by opening tubs and packets or peeling their fruit.  Please remember to cut grapes and cherry tomatoes as these can cause choking in young children. We also ask that peanut butter or nuts are not included in the lunch box. Do tell us about your child’s dietary needs and we will make sure that these are met. A maximum of four items should be included in the lunch box, no sweets or chocolate please. An ice pack should be included.

We have fresh drinking water constantly available for the children. The children are encouraged to bring in a named water bottle for each session. (No squash please this encourages children to drink out of others bottles and spread germs.)



I have sent out fee notices to all families who need to pay fees. Please remember that fees are due in advance. Thank you to the parents who have already made part payment for Nov/Dec.


Resources fees

Thank you to everyone who has paid their resource fee for the term if you still haven’t made a payment please do so by the end of the week.

Bank details sort code 403439 Account number 61126261 account name Grove Preschool. Please add family name as reference.