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6rove Pre-school                                                                                                                                                         Sept 2019

Tel 07749240004 or 01275857614



Welcome back from the summer break, I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday. Thank you for the kind cards and gifts at the end of the summer term.


Term dates

Terms starts 2rd Sept


Tapestry Online Journal

New and existing families we use Tapestry online journals to record observations, wow mentions and learning about your children. We also use Tapestry to help plan your child’s next steps and track and assess their progress. Email invites have been sent out from Tapestry to all families with an email address. (Please check spam) If you haven’t had an email please complete the slip at the end of the newsletter and write the email address clearly.  Thank you to the Parents who have already signed up. Remember to add any “wows” or achievements during the summer break.

You will have a direct feed to your child’s journal and will be able to add your own “wow” moments or other achievement made by your child.

New Families please go into your child’s account, on the right had side it says “About me” please complete this section to help us create a starting point for your child.

Please note the staff have a rota for observations and several key children so you won’t have updates every time your child is in.


Parentmail – new families

We use Parentmail to send out emails, newsletters, text messages about closures, bad weather etc. An email asking you to register has been sent out please register a.s.a.p.  If you haven’t received an email, please check your spam box and make sure that your browser is up to date as sometimes the browser prevents the Parent mail opening. If you still don’t receive an email let me have your email address (slip at the end of this letter) again so that I can double check and re-send.

This will provide a safer, easier means of communicating with parents and saves on printing and paper costs so please register. There is an app for Parental if using this on your phone sometimes you will find that you cannot reply to emails.

If you cannot send use email or Emails should send from a laptop.


Parentmail – all

Please remember to update your parentmail details if you change email address or telephone number.

You can also include details of any other carer e.g. Grandparent or child minder so that they are kept informed of events and activities. Please let me have their email details and I will send out the registration email.


Website this has lots of information so please remember to use for updates, details about the setting etc.


Home Learning Holiday activity

I hope you have enjoyed the Home Learning holiday pack please remember to bring items, photos etc. into pre-school.

Can children also bring in photographs to share at pre-school of their family – we will return these.

How did your sunflower grow? Please send in any photographs or add to your child’s Tapestry journal, hidden Facebook page.

Remember to add “Wows and holiday achievements to your child’s Tapestry journal.


Lunch boxes

Please remember that children staying from 9.00 a.m. - 3.00.p.m. will need to bring a packed lunch in a named lunch box, we will provide a safe storage container for lunch boxes. We will provide milk and water for the children, no other drinks please as we have had problems with ants in the past. The children will eat at approximately 12.05 a.m. so please ensure that the food provided can be left unrefrigerated until this time. Children attending the afternoon session on these days can also bring a packed lunch. The children all sit down together and are encouraged to be independent, by opening tubs and packets or peeling their fruit.  Please remember to cut grapes and cherry tomatoes as these can cause choking in young children. We also ask that peanut butter or nuts are not included in the lunch box. Do tell us about your child’s dietary needs and we will make sure that these are met. A maximum of four items should be included in the lunch box, no sweets or chocolate please. An ice pack should be included.


The start and end of the session and change over at lunchtime is a very busy time, the staff will be very busy, so fees should be paid at the start of the morning session or end of the afternoon session, if you have any messages to pass on it would be good if these could be jotted down, the book in the reading bag can be used for messages, or ring during the session to speak to the session leader or key person.

Water bottle

Please provide a named water bottle for your child – no juice.

Fruit donations

We provide the children with a drink, milk or water, and a snack each session, now that the sessions are longer, and in line with other groups, we will be putting out a basket each day for donations of fruit (or suitable vegetables) for the children these will shared with all children. Families should send in at least one item of fruit a week, more if attending 30 hours.


Ladies toilets

Only pre-school staff holding with a current DBs should be in the toilet area when the children are in there, visitors and parents can use the toilets, or a parent can take their child to the toilet but only if there are no other children using the toilets or if a member of staff is present. Please be aware of this at the start and end of the session, we do try to have a member of staff near the toilet area, but this is not always possible.


Parent Declaration Form -Funding Forms

These will be handed out on the first session that your child attends.  These are slightly more detailed please complete all areas and remember to sign. Incomplete or unsigned forms will be returned, and this delay could result in no funding for the month or term. Please return your child’s completed funding form at the next session that they are in. Funding now must be dealt with online and the cut off date for September is 15th failure to return by then could result in your child not receiving funding for the autumn term. A new form needs to be completed when sessions have changed from the previous term and if there are any changes to contact details, address etc. and for first time claims. Funding is available for two-year old, universal 15 hour and 30-hour funding meeting certain criteria please check for further details. If your child attends another setting and you are claiming funding, there as well you will need to get the other setting to sign the form and copy one for each setting so that we both have a copy of the same declaration form.


Arriving and collecting children

It is very important to arrive promptly and collect on time. We take a group register at the start of the session and talk about the session ahead in our key-person groups this is very good for settling the children and establishing the routine. Late arrivals miss this vital time and the group time is disrupted when staff have to let late arrivals in.

It is very important to collect children on time, particularly when we do all day so that we do not exceed our staff; children ratios, A fee will be charged for late collections.


We will continue to cover the Festivals of Harvest, Eid Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas this term but will do this by introducing a resource connected to the Festival to, spark interests. We welcome input from parents or carers to help us celebrate these Festivals in any way and if you know someone who celebrates any of these Festivals and who would be willing to come into the group and help us to celebrate please let a member of staff know. Parents are welcome to come in and help at any time just sign up on the list on the notice board.



Any suggestions for local groups who would benefit from Harvest donations most welcome.


Mobile phones, cameras and smoking

The pre-school has a no smoking policy this includes the outside play area. Mobiles and cameras (apart from the pre-school phone and camera) are not allowed to be used in the pre-school during the session; staff and visitor’s mobiles will be locked in the cupboard. Photographs can be taken at the concert and fundraising events when parents are present with their child. When collecting a child for the first time parents and carers already listed on the registration form should bring photographic ID we will then mark on the registration form that ID has been seen.



The Grove Sports Centre have CCTV cameras around the building and in the pre-school area. It will not be on during pre-school hours; the pre-school leader and assistant leaders will ensure that it is turned off during opening hours and back on when we leave. The CCTV camera has been added to our policy cameras and mobiles.


Registration forms, Tapestry, Parentmailpmx

Please update and sign your registration form if any information such as contact details, telephone numbers, and people authorized to collect etc. changes. [Please update Tapestry and Parentmail pmx if email or mobile details change.


Sweatshirts and T-Shirts

Sweatshirts and T-Shirts with the Grove Pre-school logo can be purchased.  To order direct link

We have some old stock at £2.00 per item on a first come basis.


Books and book bags

We are very fortunate to have several boxes of books at pre-school the children can borrow these (new children will receive a book bag during their first week at pre-school) we help the children to select a book to take home and enjoy with their family. We know that from time to time books can become worn or damaged, please let a member of staff know of any damage so that we can repair or replace. We will also include a “Wow” sheet for you to record any achievements at home, counting to 5, getting dressed unaided, etc., we will include these on our “Wow” tree and use in your child’s diary. We also include a book to record any comments about the book read, how your child enjoyed it or not and any reading progress. You can also use the book to keep in touch with your child’s key person. There are several information sheets in the bag so please take time to read these.


During your child’s first week at pre-school we will also send home a few other questionnaires these are to help us create a starting point for your child.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Book clubs during the past year we receive vouchers to purchase books for pre-school for every order made a leaflet will be sent out very soon.



Outdoor clothing

We go out each day as a group for approximately 30 minutes please make sure that your child has suitable clothing i.e. sun hat if sunny, coat and suitable shoes/boots if wet or cold.



Fees are £15.00/£15.51 under threes, per session these are payable monthly/weekly/daily or half termly in advance.  Fees continue to be payable if a child is absent. In cases of prolonged absence i.e. Holidays or sickness, parents/carers should consort staff about fee payment. We try to sell sessions where possible. Each child’s attendance at the group is conditional upon continued payment of any necessary fees and or Nursery funding. We expect children who are eligible for funding to use funding for all their sessions at Pre-school or to pay fees as above, we therefore expect that at the end of the first week of term we will have received a payment from each parent/carer for a monthly/weekly/ daily or half termly payment or a completed Funding form.


A notice of fees due can be found at the cash desk. A charge will be added for late payment. We do not issue bills.


30-hour codes last approximately 3 months from the date you received the code, you should receive an email but please make a note to re-check/verify every 3 months we have several children whose code runs out in the next few weeks.


Resources fee

We charge £5.00 resources fee each term for extras such as Mother’s/Father’s Day, Easter gifts etc. Please remember to pay your £5.00 or £15.00 for the year as soon as possible.


Bank details for fees and resources are Grove Pre-school, sort code 40 34 39 Account number 61126261, use the family name as the reference.


Self-Registration by the children

We use a self-registration system at Pre-school. The children’s names will be placed on a small table near the entrance at the start of the session; the children initially with their parent/carers support should find their name and place it on the blue board, the staff present that day should already have placed their names on the board. The start of the session can be very busy with parents/carers paying and children to settle and it is sometimes a while before the register is taken this will ensure that in an emergency we have the names of all the staff and children present to hand. Please ensure that your child registers at the start of each session.


Parent/carers Handbook

We often hear parents/carers say to their child at the end of the session “haven’t you done anything today?” if they do not have a painting or craft item. Sometimes the children will have made something for a display, or in their books but there are many other opportunities to be creative during the session, imaginative play in the fantasy area, through singing and movement time, with dough, sand and water, mark making during role play and with small world play. We will give examples of what the children have been doing during the session in the handbook which will be placed on the cupboard by the entrance at the start and end of the session.

 We will also try to keep some examples of the models etc. that the children have made so that they can show you at the end of the session.


The handbook contains information that must be provided to Parents/carers under the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidelines plus additional information that we think might be useful, if there is anything else that you would like included in the handbook please let me know.


Grove Sports and Social Club

Please support the Grove, the Grove Sports and Social club is home to Nailsea United Football club, senior, junior and ladies, Nailsea Cricket club, senior and junior, Nailsea Table tennis and has a Badminton court for hire during the day and some evenings. Skittles, pool and darts also run in the evenings and there are big screens for most sporting events. Families are welcome at the Grove, The Green lounge is available for hire for social events and functions, Christenings, Wakes, Celebrations etc. and the sports bars can be hired for birthday or other parties, for skittles or use of the big screen for Wii or Playstation games.

The disabled toilet is now ready for use and will double up as the ladies during the day, not only allowing pre-school sole use of the ladies, but will also mean that the Grove rooms can be booked for functions during the day.

A barbeque is available for cooking your own food during the summer months (providing you clean it afterwards). 

Please also look out for events on the Grove notice board, or visit their website WWW.GROVESPORTS.CO.UK (they hope to have a new website, so this address might change)



One of the suggestions on the parent questionnaire was greater use of Facebook particularly to promote Fund Raising events. I do run a private hidden group only open to current staff and Parents. This is used for updates alongside Parentmail and photos of the children during the session and on special occasions and events. If you would like to join, please email me and I can then invite you by email. The group is by invitation only.

We have a second Facebook page which is open to all and is used to promote Grove -preschool and can be accessed by all.









Fund-raising Committee             Can you help?

Many of our Fundraising committee members have now left as their children move on to school and we are desperate for new members

The Fund-raising committee meets approximately three times a year to help raise funds for new equipment, The Christmas Party, Easter Projects and the Summer outing.

The Fundraising committee also helps at the Christmas party and concert. The Committee is desperate for new members and Parents/carers who are willing to go on a list of helpers willing to provide/prepare food for the Christmas party, crisps, sandwiches, etc. and for other Fund-raising events.


The staff arranges a photographer during the spring term and raises funds from orders for nametapes and receives free books when orders are placed with the book clubs (leaflets are sent out each term). Money raised from Fund-raising events is used to purchase replace equipment, to help fund the Children’s Christmas and leavers parties and to cover the cost of the annual summer outing.


Please complete and return the slip below if you can help.



I/we would like to join the Fund-raising Committee    Name/s……………………………………………………………………


I/we would like to go on a list of helpers                     Name/s…………………………………………………………………….


Meetings last approximately 1 hour please tick preferred meeting time/day below.


During the session at Grove

Monday a.m.


Monday p.m.

Tuesday a.m.


Tuesday p.m.

Wednesday a.m.


Wednesday p.m.


Thursday a.m.


Thursday p.m.


Evening (last year we met in the pub)








Parentmail newsletters, reminders etc.

We are trying to cut down on the amount of printing to parents and will in future use parentmail to keep in touch with parents. The newsletter can also be viewed on our web site   for other family members, child minders, etc. who would benefit from a newsletter/updates please give their details below and I will add to Parentmail.  I have sent out registration emails for all parents with an email address if you have not received an email from Parentmail asking you to register please let me have updated/clear email address here.

Please note updates will be via Parentmail or/and on our Facebook page


Child’s name/s


Email address                                                                                          Parent’s name


Email address                                                                                                    Other carer/child minder  

Name relationship to child………………………………….

Is this person aware that you have shared this data with us and have given you permission to use Yes/No please delete.


Parentmail registration sent to this email address.                                                                  Yes   !    No  ! 



Tapestry Online Journal


Email address                                                                                                    Parent’s name



Email address                                                                                         Parent’s name                        



Hidden Facebook page


Please add the email address that you used to set up Facebook if you would like to be invited


Email address for Facebook                                                                                    Parents name


Email address for Facebook                                                                                    Parents name


Please refer to our privacy notice issued last term or with registration documents.