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Grove Pre school                                                                                                                                       April 2020

Telephone 07749240004 or 01275857614    


Dear parents,


I hope you and your families are keeping well and safe I have seen a few of you enjoying your once a day exercise.


Unfortunately, we continue to remain closed due to lockdown and insufficient staff able to open for keyperson families. Please let me know if you have been allocated another setting. The staff are doing what work possible at home including online training, reviewing policies, growing seedlings for the garden, feedback on Tapestry observations, next steps for their key children plus the usual admin.


We continue to receive funding from North Somerset so can continue to pay staff although without the income from families who pay privately we might need to furlough some staff as we still have most running costs to pay.


From 20th April you should start to receive your child’s “Next steps” via the memos section on Tapestry. The “Next steps” are what your keyperson would hope to work on with their key children over the summer terms and what families can observe at home and post on Tapestry. For the older children these would help us when we complete transfer to school documents for the children.


From 20th April I have set up a rota for one keyperson a day (Mon- Thur) to post on Tapestry tasks that they would normally be doing with their key group of children. The keyperson for that day will post for all children to have a go at the task. It might be aimed at all age groups or aimed at the younger children, those due to attend school September 2021, or the older children due to attend school this September or there might just be tasks for one age group depending on the age group of the children assigned to a particular keyperson.


On Fridays I will post “Step up” activities.


Families can post on Tapestry if they have completed any of the tasks so that the preschool staff can look at these and make suggestions for extending activities. It has been lovely that several families have already been doing this and the preschool staff have been responding. If you are working/working from home we do understand that it won’t always be possible to carry out tasks set but do keep in touch with anything that you do, photos of a walk, pictures, books read.


Please keep up with stories, songs, and physical activities large and small scale.


The preschool staff will post on Tapestry and Facebook if they are on the closed group and I will copy to Parentmail.


If you are having any difficulties accessing Tapestry or Parentmailpmx please send me your email address and I can confirm if it is the address that we set the account up with.


We will continue to post other links on Facebook and Tapestry that might be of interest to parents and welcome posts from families.


Schools allocated for September

I understand that Nailsea primary schools were undersubscribed for the coming year so your children should all have been allocated their first choice of school. The majority of our preschool children move on to Hannah More, but I know a few were applying for Golden Valley or Wraxall school. Please let me know which school your child has been allocated so that I can start to speak to the schools involved about visits etc.


Please email or or leave a message on the preschool mobile 07749 240004


Sessions September 2020-2021

I sent out a questionnaire about session choices for September and session requests during last half term please let me have these back a.s.a.p. so that I can start to allocate places. I strongly advise those returning to take up the step-up session and let me know your preferred choice of day for this session. The step-up session is for all children who are due to start school September 2021. Thank you to the parents who have already returned their forms.


Some info on childcare choices if any families think they might now be eligible for Early Years Pupil Premium please let me know and I can send a form out to you.


New children

Hopefully, you should have received and logged on to Parentmailpmx and Tapestry. When you log on to Tapestry please click on your child’s name and on the drop-down menu below there is a section “About me” please click on this and complete the questions. This, with observations when your child starts, will help the keyperson to set a baseline or starting point for your child


Early years pupil premium

The criteria for claiming Early Years Pupil Premium has increased please check if you are eligible or complete a .new funding form and pre-school can input for you. The EYPP brings a slight increase in funding that is used to support the individual child whilst at preschool



Potty training


With most children and lots of families at home and with the sunnier days and able to spend time in the garden is a good time to start potty training. Potty training ERIC is a particularly good resource to help families with potty training.

Potty training information and tips from the experts to guide you through the process of getting your child out of nappies and into pants for good. Every child is different; they learn to walk and talk at different times and they learn how to use the toilet at different times too. However, most children are ready to be potty trained between 18 months and 3 years.


Safeguarding information when at home.


NSPCC talk pants and stay safe

Many of you will have seen the advertisement for Talk pants and stay safe this is a link to guides for parents


From 1st April domestic abuse support in North Somerset will be provided by Next Link. If you need support for you, or someone else, call Next Link on the DAFFS line 0800 694 9999 10am-4pm Monday to Fridays.


Twitter: Help look out for others. Learn the signs to spot or speak up for those that feel they can't. Tell the charity @CrimestoppersUK what you know 100% anonymously - 0800 555 111 or online:

Facebook: Help look out for others. Learn the signs to spot or speak up for those that feel they can't. Tell the charity @Crimestoppers what you know 100% anonymously - 0800 555 111 or online:

Domestic abuse support, information for professionals and domestic abuse resources

Our new schedule of fees from April 1st

10.15 Schedule of Fees

Schedule of fees


Fees are payable weekly, monthly, half -termly in advance.


Session (3 hours) rate


Children aged 2 years


Children aged 3 years or more


Additional sessions SEND child by arrangement


Additional sessions above agreed hours



Other charges:


Resources charge £30 .00 per year or £10.00 Sept, Jan, April.


Late collection fee of £5.00 per additional 15 minutes.


Late payment fee.

£10.00 per £100.00 outstanding

£5.00 under £100.00 outstanding

Added every two weeks.


Fees should be paid weekly, monthly or half termly in advance so by the end of week 1 of each term we need to have received a payment for 1 week, month or half term. A late payment fee will be added after the second week of £10.00 per £100.00 outstanding, £5.00 under £100.00. This late payment fee will be added every two weeks until the whole amount is cleared.