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Book bags

Book bag

The children are invited to borrow a book each session from pre-school, if your child has not read the book keep it at home until ready to change. Please place the book bag on the box next to the desk so that we know the book needs changing.

We will try to change books each session but from time to time, if we have visitors for example, we might not have time.

We also enclose with the bag a book for you to record any comments about the book, how your child enjoyed it, any pre reading observations and also if the book has been damaged or you felt not suitable. This is a very good home/pre-school link so also use it if you would like to pass a message on to your child’s keyperson.


Games library

We have a games library for children to borrow in the year prior to school. We find that by sharing games at homes helps with number recognition, turn taking, dice recognition.


Wow sheets

We also enclose a wow sheet for your to record any progress, new achievements by your child at home. We use these to add to our Wow tree and also to add to your child’s diary, parents are the first and main educators of their children and it is important to get input from for the diaries.

Also enclosed is a sheet with suggestions for helping your child to learn at home and pre-school.



We use Parentmailpmx to send out the termly newsletter, additional updates and reminders by email. We also use it to send out urgent text messages regarding any closure due to bad weather etc. Please sign up a.s.a.p. you should have received an email to verify Parentmailpmx if you haven’t received this yet please let me know it might be that I have typed the email incorrectly or it could be in your spam box. If you have trouble verifying it can sometimes be because your browser needs updating.


Tapestry Journal

We use Tapestry online journals to record your child's progress and prepare their next steps. Parents are welcome to contribute to the journal and we ask you to complete "all about me" for your child when they start this helps to give a baseline, starting point, for their learning and care.