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What parents say

What Parents think we do well.

Outings, lots going on, letter recognition.

You treat every child individually.

Nice variety of activities, very friendly staff. Really like the outside areas, including the Grove field.

Communicate with parents, meet individual needs of the children, encourage children to learn and grow through a wide range of activities and experiences.

You do a good variety of activities for the children.

What do Parents like about the Grove Pre-school 

Parents are involved a lot. Various trips (walks to lake, pet shop) Helping with carnival, nature trail. Easter Bonnets, lots for children to do and think about. Growing sunflower seeds.

Trips and lots of different activities.

 Very friendly, good location – perfect for parents with kids at Hannah More.

 Friendly and caring staff, feedback from staff about how the child has settled and progressed, all staff seem to know our child well.

We are made to feel really comfortable with the care of our children.

What the children like about Grove Pre-school

He liked visiting the pet shop, playing especially outside, playing with friends.

Activities such as singing, painting, playing outside.

He says he loves pre-school, he loves playing with his friends, he likes playing with trains and playing on the field. He loves singing songs.

Sticking and gluing, taking home games, welly walks, teachers, playing, and lots of friends.

Playing with the cars, going for walks and painting.